Udyam Registration Form

Udyam Registration Form : How to Fill?

Today we will tell you about every element of the Udyam Registration Form so that you do not face any problems while filling out the udyam form.
Wait in this article we are talking about the udyam registration form but do you know about udyam registration. So let us first discuss it and after that, we will see about the Udyam form.

What is Udyam Registration?

Udyam Registration is the new process of MSME launched on 1st July 2020 by the government of India, through which any enterprise who are micro small, and medium-sized can easily register under it. Before this process was known as the Udyog Aadhaar / MSME registration but now it is known under the Udyam name.
After the implementation of Udyam, the registration process for MSME has now become simpler and entrepreneurs can just register with an Aadhaar card under this udyam portal.
Note: It has been made mandatory by the government of India for all the existing enterprises under MSME / Udyog Aadhaar Registration to re-register from UAM to Udyam Registration before 31st march 2021. If not converted on the given date then their registration will be canceled.

Understand Udyam Registration Form Details

Let us understand each and every element of Udyam Registration Form in detail:
Udyam Form Preview
  1. Applicant Name

  2. In the Applicant name field, you have to give the name of the person who is applying for the udyam registration.

    Applicant Name should be:

    • For Sole Proprietorship Firm: Name of the owner of the firm.

    • For Partnership Firm: Name of any designated partners.

    • For Private Limited Company (PVT): Name of any designated directors.

    • For Public Limited Company (PLC): Name of any designated directors.

    • For Limited Liability Partnership: Name of any designated directors.

    • Name of the applicant for all the above criteria, must be provided as per his/her Aadhaar Card.

    • Once the registration is done you cannot change the applicant name so please provide the name carefully.

  3. Mobile Number

  4. In the mobile number field you have to enter your phone number which is linked with your Aadhar card.

    • You must have the mobile number linked with your Aadhaar card otherwise your phone number will not be accepted.

    • After filling the form you will receive the OTP on you given mobile number, you must have to share the OTP with our representative for further process of Udyam registration application.

  5. Email Id

  6. In the email address field you have to fill your valid email id because acknowledgement and udyam certificate of your registration will be sent to this email only.

    Udyam Form Preview

  7. Office Address, State, District & Pincode

  8. In this field you have to fill out the correct office address along with the state, district and pincode of your registered business address.

    Note: Once the registration is done you cannot change your state & district so please provide it carefully.

    Udyam Form Preview Udyam Form Preview

  9. Annual Turnover & Investment in Plant & Machinery

  10. In the annual turnover field you have to fill the details of sales which you have made during the year commonly known as annual turnover. In the investment in plant & machinery field, you have to enter the amount you invested in the plant and machinery under you business.

    You have to fulfill the following category for registration:

    Enterprise Investment in plant and machinery or equipment Turnover
    Micro enterprise Should not exceed INR 1 Crore Should not exceed INR 5 Crore
    Small enterprise Should not exceed INR 10 Crore Should not exceed INR 50 Crore
    Medium enterprise Should not exceed INR 50 Crore Should not exceed INR 250 Crore

    Note: Details should be provided as per your Income tax & Goods and Service Tax

    Udyam Form Preview

  11. Social Category

  12. In this field you have to select the option from which social category you belong i.e General Caste / Scheduled caste (SC) / Scheduled Tribe (ST) / Other Backward Classes

  13. Aadhar Number

  14. In this field you have to provide your 12-digit Aadhaar card number.

    • After registration, you cannot change the aadhaar number so fill it carefully.

    • For sole proprietorship firms you need to provide the aadhaar number of the owner of the firm and for partnership firms, pvt ltd company, public ltd company, and LLP aadhaar card number of any designated partner or director can be given.

    • If an applicant does not have an aadhaar card, then he/she must have to apply for an aadhaar card at the enrolment center. Once you receive an aadhaar number then you can successfully apply for Udyam Registration.

  15. Previous UAM Number (Write NA if not available)

  16. If you have already the existing enterprises under the previous MSME / Udyog Aadhaar, then you have the Udyog certificate in that there is a UAM number you have to provide that number here.

    If you are registering for the first time in the MSME then just write NA for Not Available under the field.

    Note: It is mandatory by the Indian government to convert the old Udyog aadhaar certificate to new udyam registration before 31st March 2021. Visit for Udyam Re-registration.

  17. PAN Card Number (Write NA if not available)

  18. In this field, you have to provide your Permanent Account Number (PAN) and if you do not have the PAN card number then you can simply write NA (Not Available).

    • For any kind of enterprise registration such as pvt ltd company, public ltd company, LLP, etc, PAN card, and GSTIN is mandatory.

    • Enterprises can only do single registration with one PAN card.

    • PAN card is not mandatory for Proprietorship firms because it is not considered as a legal structure. According to the government notification after 1st April 2021, it will become mandatory for the proprietorship entity.

    • An enterprise that does not provide their PAN card number has to provide on or after 1st April 2021, as it is mandatory by the government of India.

    Udyam Form Preview

  19. Bank Accounts details & IFSC code

  20. In this field you have to provide your bank account number and IFSC code details.

    Note: This can be updated after registration if by mistakenly provided the wrong details.

    Udyam Form Preview

  21. Business Name & Date of Commencement

  22. Here you have to enter the name of the business or enterprise you are running and after that fill in the date when your business started its operation. These details are given in the Udyam Registration Certificate.

    Note: You cannot change the name of the enterprise once the registration has been done. Only you can correct the spelling mistake so fill it out carefully.

  23. Types of Organisation

  24. In this field you have to select the option for organization type i.e. private or public limited company, sole proprietorship firm, limited liability partnership, government department, etc.

    Note: No business can make separate udyam registrations for different entities.

  25. Main Business Activity of Business

  26. In this field, you have to select the option for your main business activity belonging from the manufacturing industry or service industry.

  27. Additional Details about the Business

  28. Here you have to provide the additional details in some words of your business which you have given above. (for example – manufacturing of food products, Business consultant service).

  29. Number of Person Employed

  30. In this field, there are three categories male, females, and others. Here you have to specify the number of people employed in each gender category.

Important Note

  • After filling the above details upload the documents and submit the Udyam Registration Form.
  • You must know the NIC code of your business before applying for registration.

If you have any queries related to the about udyam form then feel free to reach us at https://udyamregistrar.org/ and we reply to you as soon as possible.

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